Strategic Partners

GBM AGILE is a collaborative effort

GBM AGILE is an entirely unique approach to clinical trials made possible by the partnership and collaboration of clinicians, researchers, governments, regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and patient advocacy groups.


Advocacy Partners

Asian Fund for Cancer ResearchNational Brain Tumor SocietyNational Foundation for Cancer ResearchCure Brain Cancer Foundation


Strategic Partners

Berry ConsultantsIQVIA BiotechMedidata

Building on previous biomedical research discoveries, including traditional randomized controlled trials, a committed group of over 130 oncologists, statisticians, pathologists, neurosurgeons, imaging experts, advocates, and researchers from academia, industry, and government have been working collectively since 2015 to design a new type of clinical trial – GBM AGILE – that will further enhance the way therapies are identified for this deadly disease. This remarkable “GBM Knowledge Network” of global experts, led by the GBM AGILE Executive Committee, met regularly as collaborative teams to shape the adaptive design and master protocol for GBM AGILE. The Asian Fund for Cancer Research, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, National Foundation for Cancer Research, National Biomarker Development Alliance, and National Brain Tumor Society played a major role in funding and development of GBM AGILE, along with experts from across the globe.


Design Phase Support

Asian Fund for Cancer Research
Cure Brain Cancer Foundation
National Biomarker Development Alliance
National Brain Tumor Society
National Foundation for Cancer Research


Additional Vendors