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How does GBM AGILE benefit patients? 

Dr. Alexander highlights some of the key benefits of #GBMAGILE:

  • Introduces more treatment options for patients with glioblastoma
  • Trial becomes a seamless part of clinical care
  • Empowers patients and patient advocates by enabling future discoveries of new therapies

How does GBM AGILE engage researchers?

Platform trials offer a unique opportunity for researchers to make a difference for patients and be connected to meaningful work. Dr. Brian Alexander shares more about why this is true for everyone involved in GBM AGILE.

What is an adaptive platform trial?

Master protocols and adaptive platform trials are paving the way to make clinical research more efficient, flexible, innovative, and patient-centered. Dr. Brian Alexander explains more about this type of clinical trial design and the numerous advantages.

What is the importance of data collected in GBM AGILE? 

Learn more about how the data generated by GBM AGILE speeds the process of getting new treatments to patients with glioblastoma, all while enabling future discoveries in clinical research. 

GBM AGILE: A Game Changer

GCAR Board Chair Faramarz Yousefzadeh shares some of the many ways that GBM AGILE is a game changer for the GBM community and clinical research efforts.

GBM AGILE Collaborators 

GBM AGILE is a unique approach to clinical trials conducted in collaboration with patients, researchers and pharmaceutical partners.

Bringing Bayesian Statistics into Clinical Trials

Don Berry, Lead Statistician of GBM AGILE describes how some of the same innovative statistical strategies used by search engines are also being used in clinical research. 

How does GBM AGILE work? 

How does GBM AGILE work? Don Berry, Lead Statistician of GBM AGILE, describes how the trial works.

What makes GBM AGILE an innovative trial?

Don Berry, Founder of Berry Consultants and Lead Statistician of the GBM AGILE study, describes a few of the trial’s statistical innovations.

How is GBM AGILE paving the way for more innovative research?

It’s imperative that clinical trials keep pace with science. Learn how GBM AGILE is paving the way for more innovative research.


What do stadiums and adaptive platform trials have in common?

Watch the video to find the answer and learn how the REMAP team continuously learns in order to improve clinical research for the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). 

Ovarian CanceRx

An Interview with Dr. Beth Karlan, Chair, Steering Committee:

“We are really optimistic that Ovarian CanceRx will be able to accelerate the delivery of new therapies to the clinic and improve the survival and survivorship of women with ovarian cancer,”  Dr. Beth Karlan, Chair, Ovarian CanceRx Steering Committee.

An interview with Dr. Ursula Matulonis, Chair, Arm Selection Committee:

Ovarian CanceRx will identify science-driven treatment options for women with newly diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer or recurrent platinum resistant disease. Check out Dr. Ursula Matulonis, Chair, Arm Selection to learn more about drug selection. 

An interview with Dr. Lynda Roman, Chair, Clinical Leadership:

“Ovarian CanceRx allows patients to get access to some of the best treatments, and these patients will know that their participation can lead to rapid discovery and utilization of treatments,” Dr. Lynda Roman, Chair, Clinical Leadership 

An interview with Dr. Anil Sood, Chair, Translational Leadership:

An important component of Ovarian CanceRx is a biomarker strategy that enables researchers to learn as much as possible. Check out Dr. Anil Sood to learn more about how biomarkers can be used to improve survival and care for patients with ovarian cancer.