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REMAP-COVID is a clinical trial for adult patients (≥ 18 years) hospitalized due to COVID-19 infection. See US Trial Sites.


REMAP-COVID is designed as a learning system to more efficiently and rapidly identify effective therapies for patients with acute illness due to COVID-19. Unlike traditional trials which evaluate one therapy at a time, REMAP-COVID tests several therapies or treatment regimens simultaneously. New therapies and treatment domains can be quickly added and tested at any time while underperforming therapies are dropped from the trial.

REMAP-CAP was designed to find optimal treatments for severe pneumonia both in non-pandemic and pandemic settings. When COVID-19 began, REMAP-CAP rapidly pivoted to its pandemic mode (the REMAP-COVID sub-study), as per its original intent, to incorporate additional potential treatment regimens specifically targeting COVID-19 and to expand enrollment to COVID-19 patients. This trial is a multicenter, randomized, platform study. The primary endpoint for the REMAP-COVID sub-study is organ failure-free days at 21 days after enrollment.

Each region of this multinational trial has a local regional sponsor. GCAR is the U.S. Sponsor of the REMAP-COVID clinical trial working in close collaboration with the UPMC, who serves as the U.S. Regional Coordinating Center for REMAP-CAP.

For more information regarding the trial please visit: REMAP-COVID or REMAP-CAP. For US-based inquiries, please email info@gcaresearch.org.